Art is life, and without it, we have no outlet for human expression or an understanding of our own humanity.

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Through her art, Victoria travels down the path of self-exploration as she seeks to uncover the non-conformist wild woman she believes is buried somewhere inside her. With every piece, she peels away another layer, as she inches closer to discovering her true self and artistic expression. Victoria has plans to continue her painting journey for the rest of her life and hopes to “find her style” sometime before she dies. But if she doesn’t, she thinks she will be okay—and happy to have taken the journey.

Victoria’s other loves, cooking, and pizza have culminated into a new gluten-free cooking site,, where she and her husband, Rich, offer recipes, cooking videos, and gluten-free baking tutorials so you can bake pizzas, breads, and more at home.

Victoria Wolf is an award-winning graphic designer, specializing in book cover and interior book design. She loves working with authors to help them bring their own books to life. Learn more at

In April 2022, Victoria and Rich embarked on a nomadic life on the road when they left Denver with Howie (house-on-wheels fifth-wheel) and Stella (the big-ass truck to pull Howie). They travel the country, working, cooking, painting, exploring, and enjoying life. Follow their journey at

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